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Galaxy Note New Features On Android 4.1

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During the Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III is distributed in Poland and in Korea, the rest of the world is still waiting for the android 4.1 udpate for Galaxy Note. Starting today is Sweden's turn for s3 update. But with the Samsung Galaxy note the update for android 4.1 seems to be rather slow
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the Vietnamese forum now get the update to Android 4.1 for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Sure, there might be a (good) fake, but is in the past very often noticed the leaks of unreleased devices. and many of the leaks is really proven and become true. In this respect should agree the information and the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 gets shipped with many new features:

Galaxy Note Android 4.1 new Features

  • The system is clearly superfluous, one is almost on a level with the Samsung Galaxy II
  • Large parts of the UX Nature of Galaxy S III and grade II to find their way on the Galaxy Note
  • Many functions that were first shown at the Galaxy S III coming to the Galaxy Note: Stay Smart, Direct Call, Smart Alert ...
  • The photo gallery of the Galaxy Note II comes on the first Galaxy Note
  • Many additional features of the S-Pen
  • There are also supplied directly screenshots and details of the alleged JellyBean updates to the Galaxy Note. (Click to enlarge)

Galaxy Note New Lockscreen

GalaxyNote android 4.1 lockscreen

Although it greatly surprised that Samsung even supposed to bring the Galaxy Note II Background to the first Galaxy Note, the lockscreen is greatly expanded. The most interesting thing here: Popup note will also enable the lockscreen with writing notes.

New Homescreen

GalaxyNote JB Homescreen

Also, the Galaxy Note will get Android 4.1 later with two home screen modes: Once the "classic" Basic mode and the Easy mode, which is to facilitate the operation.

Galaxy Note Appdrawer

GalaxyNote JB appdrawer
Application Drawer 3 showing the same as the SIII & Note II: the grid to sort by the users themselves, in a grid in alphabetical order, and the list in alphabetical order. Shortcut of the application can be hidden but not removed completely. Also menu allows quick access to the Play Store to find support.

Notification bar and Smartstay

GalaxyNote JB Notification SmartStay

  • Notification Bar is also similar update on the SIII and Note II with a variety of settings can be turned off directly in the Notification bar. Notifications in the Notification bar is also flexible and interactive than ICS.
  • Smart Stay (Tracking the user's eye to hold the screen does not turn off when the user is looking at the screen). This function is can be set in the menu Settings -> Display. In this menu can also enable the automatic changing screen colors match the image display to save battery

Movement control and blocking mode

GalaxyNote JB Motion

The motion detection function (Motion):
Direct Call function (call directly when putting up the ear while looking at your contacts, messages, etc.), Smart Alert (Notify missed events just hold the camera up), Double tap to top (double tap to the top of the machine to move to the top of the list), Palm touch to mute / pause (laid hand on the screen to mute, pause the movie) ... was added. These functions are installed in the menu Settings-> Motion

call options, volume, and Internet telephony

GalaxyNote JB Internettelefonie

Pop-play and browser popup

GalaxyNote JB PopUp Browser
Firstly, the video player is floating in the known pop-play in size to the other and in my opinion even more interesting, it seems to be a pop-up browser. Open the browser in a second small window seems permanently to have extremely interesting.

The new Gallery of the Samsung Galaxy Note II

GalaxyNote JB Galery

Tizen and HTML5 based, faster and fancier - and actually the Galaxy Note II reserved. Super!

S Note Feature on Galaxy Note

GalaxyNote JB SNote

  • S Memo was officially put into the museum. Still on the screen as you click the icon, just get message "This application has all its life cycle and to introduce alternative application is S Note".
  • S Note has been upgraded quite a lot. Now you can record the pen strokes for later playback as animation.
  • Allows applications to insert symbols, clip art comes to makes notes easier and more efficient.
  • Function: In this upgrade, just put pen to close the screen with the pen icon appears on the screen immediately. Previously this effect turned off in S-pen setting but now the default is always on.
  • It will also be possible to record his drawing as a video.

CONCLUSION: For a Fake this full story is too complicated and too good. In the right places to find the information provider. Unfortunately, the source changed the name of the software and the ROM is not yet available for download, you will have to be patient. But it is absolutely amazing how the Samsung Galaxy Note and updated here to update brings - more than many would have ever expected.

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