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Google Play Music: Streaming Music via PC, Smartphone and Tablet

By davis becklin on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 0 comments

From November 13 also english users (as well as those of Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) will have access to the contents of Google Play Music by free. The availability in Europe of music storage service launched in the U.S. about a year ago can be summed up like this, with a good news for users of the Android platform. Google Play Music, formerly Google Music is a music streaming service from Google. About this you can even play music that have been uploaded, either through a web interface in the browser or through on your own Android App
google play music streaming via phone


thanks to the agreements that the house in Mountain View has made ​​with the recording industry - pointing it decisively transformed from a simple operating system (with its market applications in tow) to large square for digital entertainment on the move. On a global scale, and challenging, needless to say, the ecosystem of Apple - that the tablet is still the clear winner in tandem with the iPad - and the (not least) of Amazon.

How does the new creature of Google? What are the differences, for and against, with itunes? Play with Music, this is one of the advantages that the giant Californian brings to the table, you will have access, even from mobile devices, even music catalog of Warner Music Group, one of the last major of the disc to sign a licensing agreement with Mountain View.

How to Use Google Play Music

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Google Play Music Streaming

From the technical point of view, the peculiarity of service refers to the so-called "scan-and-match", through which you can scan automatically the music in memory of its Android smartphones and tablets and to avoid loading one by one online songs. In short, only those not in the library in the cloud will be sent once the scanning and synchronization between the various devices. This is to avoid unnecessary waste of time and resources (battery terminal in the first place), just as with iTunes Match and how it also provides the service of Amazon.

Google Play Music, and this is her dowry quantitative offers free upload to the cloud than 20 thousand pieces: always using the same Google Account (to Gmail for instance), you can play music files by streaming mode from any smartphone, tablet, or pc(pc including desktop), like all other online services made available by BigG. Under a first substantial costs emerges marking with the proposed Apple: iTunes Match is indeed a fee, € 25 per year subscription and the Amazon Cloud Player is free yes but only just 250 pieces (any other space required has rates to rise). On paper it is not, for Google, an advantage of little consequence.

There is a gap that Google Play Music still has to make than iTunes? Yes there is, at least in united kingdom, and the lack of a catalog of films that instead Apple offers for months in its Store. Google Play Music (and the same goes for the Amazon service) will be limited initially to offer a catalog of apps, books and of course music. Lack, that of the film, which will affect consumers in the process of buying a tablet for Christmas? Will tell the store. What is certain is that Google has overlooked the issue and the video shows that the close agreement with Twentieth Century Fox is aiming to make available (either for sale or hire) Play Movies with a rich catalog of films and television series, in pendant which is the ability to access a bouquet of magazines in digital format ranging from People to Time.

The announcement to Google Play Music in Europe is accompanied by another element that Google has placed on the chessboard, and the number of apps available for Android devices. Play by the shop today are in fact 700 thousand programs downloadable via mobile phone or tablet, a number that almost cancels or the difference with the Apple App Store and marks a break with the groove of Microsoft Windows Store, which has reached 120 thousand applications at the same time with the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Then how many of these apps, in the three stores mentioned above, are never taken into account by all users (and there are many) is another matter.

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