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Rumor LG Optimus G Nexus comes with Android 4.2 in November

By davis becklin on Sunday, October 7, 2012 0 comments

Earlier this i have reported on rumors about the new Nexus device with android 4.2 . Now further, exciting details are spilled from the rumor mill: LG bring a version of its next flagship named Optimus G Nexus. Google also wants to solve the flagship status of the Nexus series and the Nexus label awarded future as a quasi-certification program with strict criteria. Also, new details about Android 4.2 was announced.

LG Optimus G Nexus

new lg optimus with android 4.2

LG is hosting an event in November with Google. In addition to Android 4.2 there is a Nexus version of Optimus G presented with the hake previous called LG Optimus G Nexus.

The rumor that come the next Nexus smartphone from LG was ever regardless peddled in Spain .

Google Nexus Program

Future there will be no longer a Nexus device per year, for that the manufacturer may apply. Instead, manufacturers can sell Nexus devices, provided that they adhere to strict rules. This includes 64 MB of RAM secured to stream media are available; manufacturer surfaces are allowed, but must be deactivated via a so-called "Customization Center". There are also other, unspecified hardware requirements that are waiting to prepare for the next major version of Android. Mentioned in passing, is that the Wall Street Journal reported in May this year that several hardware manufacturers were working on Nexus devices, and five of them will be published in the autumn .

Of Androidandme not mentioned, but we strongly believed, is that the manufacturer received the Nexus program, a commitment update. Were it not for this, Google would dilute what the Nexus brand is: timely updates to new versions of Android. The end of October Chefd Android Andy Rubin will speak at the conference AllThingD "Dive into Mobile" on the Nexus program.

now the specification of This Smartphone has been leaked you can see here LG Optimus G nexus Specs

Android 4.2

In addition to the aforementioned customization center and software engineering principles for the Nexus program to Android 4.2 does not contain too many alterations. The power management is to be improved, and home screens are displayed as tabs in 4.2 - otherwise remains the same UI. There will also be a new version of Google Play stores.

Foremost, Android 4.2 prepare the ground for Android 5.0, which will be presented in the autumn of next year. It is not yet clear whether Android 4.2 continues Jelly Bean or Key Lime Pie is hot, even for multi-user capabilities of the operating system has nothing to say. and the feature must be more than android jelly bean feature.

So much for the rumors. In our estimation, this all sounds quite valid and believable, although rumors were of course still should benefit as such. That there are several Nexus devices from different manufacturers, can now also be seen as almost certain - too many devices leaks and information from various sources in recent weeks suggest. End of October to AllThingsD conference we will certainly be a little smarter, we hope that Andy Rubin presented on this occasion also a new device.

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