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How To Easily Install Whatsapp Messenger On Android

By Unknown on Friday, October 12, 2012 0 comments

Who are here are android user? And search How to Install WhatsApp on Android? you are in the right place. Well, this is one messenger apps is so cool. That is why this time i will discuss about this messenger application. Besides can be used on Android, Whatsapp can also be used on other OS tablets. What is it? Whatsapp messenger can be used on Android OS, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia, and Blackberry.

Before we discuss how to install Whatsapp, you maybe still consider, What is Whatsapp? WhatsApp is messenger application that is similar in basic smartphone with BlackBerry Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without paying for SMS, because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan for email, web browsing, and others. So do not use cost to stay in touch.

Application WhatsApp Messenger is sending messages using a 3G or WiFi connection to communicate without the cost. By using WhatsApp, we can chat, file sharing, etc. is essentially very similar as the name of fuel. Well now already know exactly what it Whatsapp.

Since we had already discussed what it Whatsapp Messenger, now it's our turn to learn how to install WhatsApp Messenger on Android. Incidentally My Gadget is Galaxy S3 and i use this WhatsApp on it. Okay please see the tutorial and the photos.

How To Easily Install Whatsapp Messenger On Android

  1. First we need to find this application in the Market or now better known as Google PLAY.
    Download And Install Whatsapp DOWNLOAD WhatsApp
    just click the install, and will appear as shown below.
    Easy Way Install Messenger Whatsapp In Android
  2. Then it will appear like this picture. Well now its time to fill in your phone number, then press OK.
    Whatsapp In Android
  3. After that it will wait for a while then it will display a notification to confirm whether the number is true. Then press OK to continue to the next number confirmationInstall Whatsapp Messenger In Android
  4. Then just wait, because they will send SMS Verification. It did not take long to install whatsapp
  5. If you've confirmed that we have to fill the display name and display picture for our profile.
    download whatsapp for android
  6. Well, then you will see Whatsapp Messenger icon on the DESKTOP HOME or display, click the icon to start Whatsapp Messenger.
  7. Because it is still early so there is no chat we did, well now we will learn how to use WhatsApp Messenger. Then click on the small icon like the big icon, located at the top right corner near the pencil icon.
  8. Okay, well that my friends on our android contacts both using Whatsapp messenger. Please click to chat and congratulations.

Well how guys? it is So easy to operate WhatsApp Messenger android right? Hopefully this article on How To Install Whatsapp Messenger On Android can be useful. Thank you for visiting and see you guys.

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