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How To Test Android Hardware

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In this article is the development of some of the articles that I have shared to all of you tutorial for android readers. android hardware test is needed at any given moment, so in this article I want to share with you how to test android hardware. Have you ever test the ability of your android? follow this following step then you will know you smartphone power

how to test android hardware

Android Hardware Test

After you read this article i hope you will be able to to test the sensors on android hardware specifically to use the application. so you can estimate is your android device can use the apps or not. and you will also able to check whether your hardware is working properly or not. Some applications android hardware tester available at many stores play, but in this article I want to share with you the one that I think best among several existing hardware tester

Want to test the hardware support on android, you can try out the free Z-DeviceTest. Hardware such as cameras (front / back), GPS, wifi, bluetooth, Accelerometer, Compass, and others can be functionally tested through application.

Download Android hardware test apps

To get the apps for analyze hardware go the link here download Z-Device Test

After you download and install the application, then you run the application and you will go to the test feature, we discussed one by one. To mark means the device's support, while for the X mark, means not support.

  1. Rear camera
    Here you will get info about the rear camera feature, the maximum pixel and others.test camera on android
  2. Front camera
    Here you will get info about the features of the front camera, some android devices that do not feature a front camera can pass this test.
  3. GPS Status
    test gps on android
    Here you can see the gps status, and level of accuracy pengkuncian location. You can also test the accuracy of the GPS on your android.
  4. WiFi information
    test wifi on android
    Here you can check the status of wifi, but it is also testimony of the wifi network you can get through this test.
  5. Bluetooth devices
    test android bluethooth
    In one test is necessary activation bluetooth, and if your bluetooth is active, it will appear like this.
  6. GSM / UMTS
    To check the status of your telephon network.
  7. Accelerometer
    An accelerometer is a transducer that is used to measure acceleration, detect and measure vibration, or to measure the acceleration due to gravity that is embedded in the devices android. To check the status of the accelerometer on your android device.
  8. Magnetic
    In addition to the proximity sensor, android is also supplemented by a magnetic sensor, you can try to test it here, if you marked V means the device can run applications such as for example magnetic compass sensor.
  9. Radio
    To check the function of the analog radio on your device, but if the device is not embedded radio chip, you can pass that test.
  10. Info Touchscreen
    To determine the ability of the touch screen, touch the maximum number, and others (you need root privileges to be able to open it)
  11. Battery
    Info about the condition and capacity of the battery.
  12. CPU / Memory
    Info about the CPU, storage and memory.
  13. Sound
    Status volume / voice
  14. Vibrator
    To check the vibration
  15. Microphone
    To test the voice recording feature.
  16. USB
    to test the USB
  17. A / V Output
    To test the cable A / V output
  18. Android OS
    To find out what version of android
  19. Light sensor
    To know the light detection.
  20. Proximity Sensor
    determine the proximity sensor or distance.

And there are many more tests that you can do using this application.

Alternative application that you can use to check the sensor on the android is AndroSensor which you can download from playstore
Ok after you read all above i hope you can test your android hardware so you will know your android hardware ability

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