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Google Calendar Now Become a Free Android App

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Description of Free Google Calendar:
Finally, the original Google Calendar is also available as a free Android app. It's amazing that Google is so calm for so long. But what come to those who wait, they say so beautiful.
google calendar app

However, there are equally some weakness for various Android phone owners. Because you must at least on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich running on your device, so that the Google Calendar app can works. There are also a whole range of problems on HTC smartphones. Here are different views will not function correctly. Well I recently got myself with the Samsung Galaxy S3

When I look at the range of error on HTC devices, then you can the app to its owner not recommend in good conscience. There is a risk that you may lose notes, photos and not locally synchronized dates completely. With such blunders should better first HTC owners continue to use their old calendar.

Calendar of all accounts, including the Shared

Anyone else can receive all appointments from your Google accounts. Right after installation on my Galasy S3 were all appointments, including the shared calendar, and were present in a clear week and good scheduled. Consider which calendars you want to be, of course, individually.

Quickly add new appointments

Also adding appointments in calendar is really easy. If you tap on a specific period in the calendar, a small blue plus will appear and after you tapping again in the mask for the new date you can add your appointment. In here you will find more detailed features suc as the Tatum, time, any repetitions, reminders, notes, and other details.

The following permissions that asked on Android app:

  • Your accounts
    Manage the accounts list, use the authentication credentials of an account, Gmail
  • Network Communications
    Full Internet access
  • Your personal data
    Read contact data, calendar appointments, and read sensitive information, add, change Unbeknownst to the owner calendar events and send email to guests
  • System tools
    Rest of the tablet disable disable the phone is idle, sync settings, Subscribed feeds erstellenAlle Show Hide
  • Your accounts
    Known accounts, show Configured Accounts, read Google service configuration
  • Hardware controls
    Control vibrator
  • System tools
    Read sync settings, read sync statistics, read subscribed feed

Download Google Calendar

Download Via PC
you also can save it into apk file. read how to save apk from google play.

Google Calendar Preview

google Calendar preview download google calendar

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