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New Nexus 5 & New Android 4.2 in October?

By davis becklin on Sunday, October 7, 2012 0 comments

A tantalizing rumor currently making the rounds on the net: Apparently Google is already planning next month to release a new Galaxy Nexus Phone, This device will also equipped with a new version of Android. Who builds the new Nexus and it runs Android 4.2 - or even 5.0?

The release of Jelly Bean is just about 3 months old and only a fraction of all Android devices already running the latest Android, as it rumbles already strong rumors in the chamber when it comes to the next generation.

Taylor Wimberly, editor of Androidandme , refers to several insider contacts who want to have it confirmed that Google (sounds like a bomb threat) "within the next 30 days," a new Nexus smartphone will launch. On this, as yet unconfirmed device, then is also a new version of the Android OS to be preinstalled. Although it was within the scene already herbeigehofft an early release of Android 5.0, it probably looks as if previously only again will be a point release as a successor of 4.1 Jelly Bean's turn.

New NExus 5 with Android 4/2

new android 4.2

An Android 4.2.0 will be tested according to server logs already. Androidandme also suspected that it is the unit it is a variant of the Nexus LG Optimus G will act, which would be available in November at the earliest on the market.

new nexus with android 4.2

However, there are speculations that the next Nexus comes from the house of HTC. That's at least anonymous informant against GSMArena . So shall the previously known to the public as HTC One Phablet X5 model will be delivered supposedly under the name Google Nexus 5 or HTC Nexus 5th

Wimberly speculated that Andy Rubin the device at the conference AllThingsD: Dive into Mobile will announce which takes place from 29 to 30 October in New York.

An Android 4.2, which reportedly nicknamed "Key Lime Pie" is intended to carry, rumored to include new features such as multi-user logins and improved maps and camera functions. So tired of rumors that are currently rely largely on anonymous insider and confirmed in the coming weeks or refute be. But until then, so a small portion of biscuits is times quite tasty. Is, after all, already on Christmas.

What do you expect from a possible Android 4.2? And the next Nexus Phone will now appear at LG or HTC? Your views and opinions on the rumor mill in the comments please!

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