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Galaxy S3 With Android 4.1 New Features In Video

By davis becklin on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 0 comments

This morning has already release the firmware update XXDLIH for Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and also finally made ​​it to Germany. Owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 can now install from now, the new version of Android on their devices. The update can be performed either directly on the device using the "Over-The-Air" feature or via the KIES software on the PC. The update changes of course not only the software version, it also has some new features and improvements.

What is The New Feature

Immediately after the installation you can test already, the performance improvements through the "Project butter". The animations are fluid, and the full speed of the system has increased. Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already played at a very high level, could the butter initiative easiest ways in the unit still noticeable. In addition, the home screen has been slightly adapted. So now when you move widgets apps are automatically arranged, so that the widget also finds its place. The manual positioning is unnecessary. The folder animation has also been embellished a bit, and users who are not familiar with the perfect device can switch to a simplified home screen mode.

In addition, the Notification Bar has been enhanced to ensure that e-mails, news, screenshots, and other notifications can now be pushed two fingers down to read the entire contents of the message. Screenshots can also send it directly or not. Google Now has made it also in the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Intelligent Assistant now offers a smart interaction with the smartphone and allows site-driven display of data. Using these functions, for example, the operating system automatically displays a traffic plan or offer appropriate restaurant recommendations. Also, notifications will be sent, if dates, flights and sporting events are pending (including route planning). it also shows the current weather or tell me at a bus stop when the next bus. The service also includes the ability to perform a Google search and an off-line character recognition using the voice command.

Finally, the settings were reorganisert and at the same time the new "locked" mode introduced. With this mode, calls, SMS be ignoredc. It may for example be a predefined time that selected to not accept an incoming call. But there is the possibility to make a list of people who may also call despite the activated mode.


Overall, the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean convince certainly offers a lot of small but important improvements. In the following video I go again on the innovations and show you how it all works:

New Feature On Galaxy S3 Video

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