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Explanation How To Use Google Play Music

By davis becklin on Sunday, November 18, 2012 0 comments

In November 2012 Google Play Music finally officially launched in United States. You can read on my previous post about streaming music via smartphone with play music. Thus we have try and successfully use the new google feature. So today i will give complete instruction and explanation tutorial use google play music.

The offer sounds attractive: Google Play Music allows you to upload your own music to listen anywhere. The songs from the permanent collection will be matched against a database so that only songs can be uploaded, which are not available in Google Music. Up to 20,000 songs, can be saved online. In parallel, also opens the Google Play Music Store, where you can buy music.


  1. Pc or laptop with Linux / OSX / Windows
  2. Google account
  3. Credit card
  4. Android Smartphone

Tutorial Use Google Play Music

Here is a brief step-by-step introduction:

  1. Registration
    sign in Play store sign or sign directly with Google manager on google play music
  2. Credit card deposit
    Now, credit card information must be entered if not already done. Google says it will check what country you are.
  3. Install Music Manager
    Then you have to install the Music Manager software download and install onto your computer. read the instruction here
    Caution: Installation does not work for me in a VM (Virtual Machine)!install music manager
  4. Music Mangager up
    Music Manager up will be the folder for you to save you music. Who wants to save his online music can selects the best folder where your music collection is stored. In addition, you can adjust whether newly added tracks to be automatically synchronized.insturction use google play music
  5. Firewall Set
    Do not forget to allow for the Music Manager in the firewall.
  6. Synchronize the music
    Now the locally stored tracks are matched to the database and then uploaded missing tracks. On the website you can also learn about the progress.syncronize music on play music
  7. Install Google Play Music app
    After you install google play music app , select the correct account and you have all the songs on your cell phone. download the app here
  8. Buy the songs you want
    New songs can now be easily bought in the Channel Store or inserted free in their own collection.
  9. Make available offline
    Songs in the database can be made available offline by being "anpinnt". This does not work with single songs but only with playlists, albums or other types of groups.

Ok thats it. we have finished disccuss about tutorial use and how to configure google play music. you can give feedback after try use this feature on comment area.

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