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HTC One X Solution For Battery Maybe Is Mugen Power

By Unknown on Thursday, November 8, 2012 0 comments

Mugen Power, the famous manufacturer of aftermarket batteries for mobile devices, it may already be working to provide a solution to increase the battery life given to new buyers of a HTC One X smartphone. The solution would nalla marketing a aftermarket kit includes not only the battery with a higher capacity than the original, but also the tools and instructions needed to complete the "transplant battery."

As we have seen, proceed to disassemble the device is not a prohibitive and with the guidance and the right tools provided by Mugen Power this may be within the reach of a larger number of users. The manufacturer seems to be ready to make the kit, but before doing so he decided to ask the opinion of the public.
htc one x mugen power battery

Through its official Facebook page the manufacturer has informed its users:
We are looking into making extended batteries for HTC One phones Series That as with internal batteries. An intrusion manual will be provided to the user on how to open the phone and replace the internal battery with our battery with extended capacity.
We are trying to achieve enhanced battery for HTC series smartphones One with internal battery. Will be provided to you a manual that will explain how to disassemble the handset and replace the internal battery with our Extended Capacity

Having made the intentions, Mugen Power asked its users with a survey if they were willing to use this type of solution. The results at the time, see prevail percentage of users who are willing to do to replace the battery in a "do-it-yourself". For more details on the survey simply read htc one x disassembly procedure .

Mugen Power is still considering whether or not to initiate the marketing of kit, but if the evidence were to continue to be positive it is possible that in the short, with a minimum of manual work, plus the installation of aftermarket battery for HTC One X will no longer be operation prohibitive. We will keep you informed about this interesting project.

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