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Android 4.2 Prevents The Sending of SMS Without Permission And Scanned for Malwares

By davis becklin on Sunday, November 11, 2012 0 comments

Google has confirmed that the new version of Android 4.2 (Jellybean) offer further improvements in security on our smartphone or tablet, and all the news about the new features already mentioned in the previous article about new features of Android 4.2 , the goal is to prevent an applications entering our phone that may contain malware and harmful to our system and then block those that may perform sending SMS without our permission. Below is new security features on android 4.2 that make your android device more save.

Android 4.2 New Security Featues
android 4.2 new security features

To prevent our system to be damaged or endangered our data, Android 4.2 will bring implemented a native antivirus with a new feature that allows an analysis of the applications that we will install, but will not perform the analysis with all applications, if not only and exclusively with not from Google Play.

When we want to install an application that is not from Google Play, the phone will verify the application, it will send the signed APK to Google's servers, and if the application is secure install on our device, the use of this function is optional, since you can disable or enable the analysis section malwares from Settings -> Security.

Prevent sending SMS without permission

Furthermore, when an application tries to send a SMS, the phone will indicate that application wants to do and that number, allowing the user to accept or reject such action, thus avoiding possible scams and scares in our bill because of SMS sent without our consent.

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