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HTC One X Disassembled Shows The Disassembly Procedure

By davis becklin on Thursday, November 8, 2012 0 comments

Another test highly anticipated by fans of the new devices HTC One X has just been made. We refer to the disassemble of the smartphone, or the procedure to find out what is inside the body content start the terminal, subject to disassembly. The test will not only appreciate the considerable optimization of the space that has allowed the integration of the HTC hardware in a very thin body, but also to assess the degree of difficulty for future disassembly and repair. Interesting to note from the outset that the battery of HTC One X , although it is not removable by the user, in any case can be replaced after removing the device. The data is encouraging for those who, in the future, you ask how to proceed if the built-in battery shows signs of slowing down.

Disassembled HTC One X picture

htc one x disassembled picture

The operations / htc one x disassembly procedure that necessary to unmount the device available at this address are in the Chinese language, but the large set of images that accompany it is equally useful to assess the complexity of the operation. HTC One X, as we know, has a monocoque polycarbonate and the first step to proceed to disassembly passes for "extraction" of the display that appears to have been integrated in the shell with a pressure mechanism:

Please see the link below for more information on just above disassembly procedure that, in any case, is reserved for an expert audience and aware of the risks of do-it-yourself repairs.

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