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Tips What To Do If Android Smartphone Falls Into Water

By davis becklin on Sunday, November 25, 2012 0 comments

If you accidentally dropped Android smartphone or any mobile phone in water, here you can find some tips and tricks to avoid breakage.

tips to treat phone if fall into water

Tips If Dropped Phone Into Water

What To do if you just fell on your Android smartphone into the water? Try to follow the advice in this guide and you will be able to save it!
It has surely happened to more than one person from seeing your phone fall into the water, and go into panic after thinking "I broke the phone!", "How do I do now?" Or other similar phrases. Thanks to our friends at PhoneArena because they have to give me some advice on what to do if your phone falls into the water, to avoid in any way that the cell ruptures. Here is what are the most useful tips:
  1. Immediately remove the phone from the water, and remove the battery, SIM card and also the micro SD card (if you have one), so as to avoid losing any data, and also to prevent damage to battery or other
  2. If possible, remove the cover so that the water on the surface does not spread also in the circuits of the telephone;
  3. Check the color of the sensor for damage related to water. It is a white dot near the battery compartment, if the color tends toward red, then you can no longer enjoy the guarantee;
  4. Gently clean any part of the phone with a piece of paper or cloth, and do not shake it too much, since the water may spread inside the phone;
  5. If possible, try to "create a vacuum" around the phone, so that there is no moisture to aggravate the situation;
  6. Finally, leave the phone in a bowl or in a jar full of uncooked rice for 24 hours (the rice absorbs the water, and can help you save on your phone).

It need to Spend 24 hours for you to try to reinsert the battery and the SIM card in the phone and try to turn it on. Do not give you the assurance that your Android smartphone resurrect after did these actions, but there is still a chance to be saved, and it costs nothing to try.

Hope after you read my tips about how to treat phone if fall into water will help youDo not hesitate to leave some comments if there is've had to fix a phone dropped in water, or if you have other suggestions to us! We hope that these guidelines may be useful

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