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WhatsApp Alternative : Kik Messenger 6 With New Features

By davis becklin on Friday, November 30, 2012 0 comments

Today there is another news again from WhatsApp. In this week many news spread about the most popular messenger on android, but unfortunately it as a bad news again. We all know if this messenger apps on android smartphone is very popular. But in recent days on this messenger app a low security is surfaced to the media. Besides that whatsapp also will charge their user that use android. you can read on my previous post about Whatsapp will charge android user. Well, every android smartphone users still can decide will they still use this app or not. In any case, of course, the call for alternatives to WhatsApp is getting bigger, So today i will discuss about whatsapp alternative for android it is Kik Messenger. Therefore one has released the 6th version of the Messenger it is also quite popular, which has a few new features on board.

The new version 6 of Kik Messenger has some interesting new features on board. Some of kik messenger feature is, Now you can for example now has an integrated function much easier photos and YouTube videos look on the Internet, and also share the same with his contacts. And with an integrated sketch function can even paint with its Kik Messenger contacts and draw.
Meanwhile, the messenger was able to build a solid base of 30 million users. And when I look at the app Sun, then I understand why, because the surface is fixed, clear and easy to work.

WhatsApp Alternative : Kik Messenger

kik messenger whatsapp alternative

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The Kik Messenger is always at its core function as a text messenger. The highlight is that you can extend it using so-called cards. These cards are optional. You can see it as a plugin or addon, as it is handled well with browsers. So you can expand the Kik Messenger quite to his liking. The download in Google Play store is also free.
So if you interest to try this app download kik messenger from play store

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