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Android 4.2 New Features : Malware Scanner For Apps

By davis becklin on Friday, November 16, 2012 0 comments

In Android 4.2 , Google has integrated the feature to check applications before installing the apps. So it will prevents your android device from malicious software. So your smartphones and tablets will be better protected against malware. This Google has now announced the details.

From many new feature on android 4.2. Google has integrated with its android version, a new security feature for android 4.2. Before the installation of applications beyond the Play Store these are now checked for malicious software. This is to avoid that users undetected malware install. Directly into Google's Android App Store was malware recognizer Bouncer integrated earlier this year. The Android apps will be examined so that within the Play Store for malicious functions anytime and then banned from the shop.

android 4.2 scanner malware apps

Because it is possible on Android devices without problems, download apps from other stores or even from a web page, it has been possible, however, to capture malware beyond the Play Store. Google wants to change this with the new security feature in Android 4.2. The functioning of the innovation Google has more details announced.

Function sends data to Google

"Verified apps" feature is enabled in Android 4.2 by default and reviewed applications before installing. When the user installs the first time an application is verified that, there is a query as to whether the relevant data may be sent to Google. For app-testing some data is sent to Google. This App includes related URLs, the device ID, the version number of the Android version, the IP address and cookies.

If the app-review noted an application that may contain malicious code, the user is warned before installing the app. If it is clearly in an application is malicious software that installed the app is prevented. Only by turning off the safety function can not be started in this case the relevant app.

Generally the app-check is only available if the backing store is installed, which in most Android devices is the case anyway.

However, it will take many months before these safety improvements will be present on the instruments on the market, so to offer device manufacturers an update to Android 4.2. Up until now less than 30 percent of Android devices with Android 4.0.x or 4.1.x. Android The majority of these relate to Android 4.0.x, which was released over a year ago. The vast majority of Android devices running an older version.

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