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Tutorial Root Asus Transformer Prime With Windows Tool

By davis becklin on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 0 comments

Shortly after the market launch of the Asus Transformer Prime has managed the development community to rooten the tablet next, will gives you the way for make numerous modifications on your asus transformer prime. After this morning by only a somewhat complicated instructions on AndroidPolice had appeared, was a member of the xda-developers now published a handy Windows utility. This allows even inexperienced owner of Transformer Prime achieve with just one click to have root access. below i will give the more detailed guide on how to root Asus transformer prime with one click tool

tutorial root asus transformer prime

What many ordinary consumer might sound like useless gadgets is indeed an important step to unlock additional features. Since the user with root privileges has full access to the file system of Android, for example, far-reaching changes to the design are made. A backup of the complete system, the removal of pre-installed apps, the simple making of screenshots or installing custom ROMs are possible.

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As always, the root process occurs naturally at their own risk and neither the developer nor do not responsible for any damage to the device.

Root Asus Transformer With One Click Tool
asus transformer prime root tool windows

To root the Asus Transformer Prime, the steps that are needed is:

  1. Download the. Zip file here and unpack it on your computer.
  2. Complete the Transformer Prime on to your PC and install all the drivers that are in the. Zip file.
  3. Start the viperMOD Tool.exe primers and select the appropriate option.
If you would like the Asus Transformer Prime to have the root acces So for the first time, you just need to type the number 1 and press Enter. This automatically starts the root process, and you need do nothing further. If you want to remove the root access again, you just have to repeat the steps listed above, and then press the 2.

Ok that's it, i hope this tutorial about how to root asus transformer prime will help you to gain acces to your device, and will let you customize your device.

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