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Android 4.2 : Focus on Notifications And Quick Settings

By davis becklin on Monday, November 26, 2012 0 comments

As we know that this month google have rekeased their new android operating system version. It is android 4.2, But this version is still named in jelly bean, because it is still based with the same structure but this android 4.2 have bring many new features on it. to know more about the feature you can read on list of android 4.2 features.

Besides this android 4.2, Google also prepare the next generation of android mobile opeartyng system formore detail information read my previous post about first benchmark of android key lime pie. Ok now back to the topic, Just a few days ago, the Mountain virw, the world's leading information technology announce that Google has introduced what will be new and exciting on android 4.2 version that will animate the terminals of the future.
android 4.2 quick notifications

This release, which brings with it the code name of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, will never receive the right presentations because of the endless performance given away. Even today we return to do a focus on new mobile experience donated by those who, in a few years, he became the author of the best mobile operating system in the world.

This focus will be good ideas on what will be the new Notifications bar and its Quick Settings.

adding information technology Google has introduced what will be new and exciting OS version that will animate the terminals of the future.

New Notifications and qick setting on Android 4.2

As Android has well taught, just pull down the notification bar to find the first improvements signed on Jelly Bean. In addition, where an initial setting of the button we now find the button for the Quick Settings marked with the 'image of your G+ profile and a number of settings.

That's what it is:

  1. Google+ profile: If you are logged in to Google will show your profile picture and your name. By clicking you will be asked if you want to access your profile G+;
  2. Brightness: With a simple tap will open a popup window from which to manually adjust the brightness;
  3. Settings: Just a shortcut to the settings menu complete;
  4. Wi-Fi: shows information about the network to which we are connected and the signal strength. We will end up with a tap on the settings of Wi-Fi;
  5. Mobile data: Displays the telephone operator and the signal strength;
  6. Battery Icon and the percentage of remaining battery charge. We will end up with a tap on the menu full battery;
  7. Flight mode (offline): Turns off the radio signal during the flight (Or if you want to pretend to be on a plane);
  8. Bluetooth: simply shows the ON / OFF. With a tap we find ourselves in the Bluetooth menu complete.
OK thats it i hipe my tips on how to setting quick setting and notifications bar on android 4.2 will help you.

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