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Top 5 WhatsApp Alternative With Review

By davis becklin on Sunday, December 2, 2012 0 comments

Why currently Whatsapp alternatives in the internet in few days are so great discussed, Well today i will explain it to you. Everywhere we read that if the WhatsApp which is the most popular messenger application now will charge the android smartphone users. For more detailed information you can read on my previous post : whatsapp will charge android user. Many users included myself have received a message from Whatsapp that the amount of charge in the terms of 99 U.S. cents per year would be due soon.

Could be crucial as even other messages that we had read about Whatsapp last. In recent days we also know that whatsapp suffer from security bug that was mentioned. so I would look for an whatsapp alternative. Not least important before such a change: how many users - as many of my relevant contacts - use the particular service? For me personally, the biggest problem is because some of contacts that listed on whatsapp.

We have even been looking at the market and taken a few whatsapp Alternative closely. It is quite similar services in our top 5 alternative, but also chat services, which are often the same core - and thus have just as well be suitable as a replacement SMS - sending messages over the network. As always in our lists is the order of the listed services purely accidental and without judgment.

These alternatives are currently namely as much known as a recommendation and we also will give the weakness each of the apps. and also we will give the whatsapp alternatives review.
If you want so save the file into apk file read on how to download apk file from google play

List Of WhatsApp Alternative

Now below you will see of our tops 5 list in the best whatsapp alternatives that maybe will fit with your needs.

joyn whatsapp alternative

This messenger application was lifted together by Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and O2. The telecom is to follow in December. As with all other services also, here you can send texts as well as images, videos or audio files.

In this app also have a unique feature called the Smart Calls. You can try a normal call to change this feature, and then there also send video files, for example. How eager is used remains to be seen once. Unlike the other competitors, this service is not free. Who does not have SMS or data flat is here asked nicely to the checkout. At Telekom pays to this service example 29 cents per Joyn conversation per minute, 58 cents per minute in the video chat. 19 cents and 39 cents per message of sent file The added value reveals itself, at least for me at the moment so not alone in the face of free competition. Many smartphone manufacturers have already approved that will advance Joyn located on their devices and thus I wanted to have mentioned here for completeness.

Facebook Messenger
android facebook messenger apps

Even the Facebook Messenger is actually not the primarily Whatsapp competitor, but I realize more and more how this app creeps into my smartphone everyday. This Messenger of the largest network in the world has just about what is so important: lots of contacts! This App are also availale not only on Android buy it aslo support to BlackBerry, Ios, Windows Phone, and all major operating systems. Here too, you can not only chat, but also send files back and forth alone by this huge potential of a billion users on Facebook this free chat tool not only the biggest competitor of Whatsapp, but also the classic SMS

Skype Messenger

skype whatsapp alternative

About Skype you need probably lose a lot of words, right? The service, which is now one of Microsoft, most of you know for a long time and it is also used very diligently. So when it comes back, how many can I get my contacts on my phone, I'm on Skype of course well served. While you will asked for calls to mobile or landline to checkout, writing messages is free, of course, are also free voice calls and video calling. In telephone conversations in the mobile network or landline you will with 0.9 cents per minute to pay. In addition, you can also send SMS via Skype also charged. Skype is available for nearly every system, even in customized versions for iPad and Android tablets and even for the Symbian smartphone dinosaurs. Of course you can also send and start group chats.

Google Talk Messenger

google talk messenger apps

Similar to the Facebook Messenger, and Skype is not a pure competitor Whatsapp and similar to the two mentioned are also a service that you have probably anyone explain more explicitly. Basically a pure chat tool from Google, can you drill it, thanks to the free video chat plugin. As expected, it is of course well integrated into Google+, even here there's once again the advantage of a wide range of users. Google lists the following google talk features are:
  • Text Chat
    Instant Messages: Your thoughts and ideas in real time tell
    Status updates: see if friends are online and what they are doing
    File transfer files, images and more instantly send and receive
  • Voice Chat
    Free long distance calls: Calls from PC to PC anywhere in the world
    Audio conferencing: talk simultaneously with multiple people
    Gmail Integration: Chat with friends on Gmail
Anyone who with Google anyway and active Google+ is used or a Gmail account, Google Talk can be quite a serious alternative to consider.

MySMS androi app

mysms android review

MySMS start is from Austria, and as the name suggests, it's not just about the sending of free news on the Internet, but also to send the classic SMS. If one uses the MySMS gateways, here 8 cents per message will charge to you, but it should not be our main focus. Crucial is that I can send my message for free if my opponent has also installed MySMS. In addition to Android, iOS and Windows Phone, there is again the possibility to act on the web and what's best, no matter from where you log in - the messages are kept in sync. I find myself just using my smartphone in the kitchen and the living room is getting MySMS message again Ultrabook sent, I think it also just prior to my smartphone.

As with all of our Toplists of the android messenger apps, of course we are here happy if those review will help you to choose which is the android messenger apps that will fit for your daily use.

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