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Find or Locate Android Smartphone With Android Finder App

By davis becklin on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 0 comments

Android Finder application is a very good application for your smartphonr and you must install it on your device. Have you forgotten where you put the Android smartphone? No problem, have a whistle and he will respond by sensing the position. This is a totally free application and needs an owner who knows how to whistle otherwise it will not work! The App can be downloaded from Play store and installed directly on your smartphone.
find smartphone with Android Finder free

Android App To Locate Android Phone

Once installed it will be immediately ready for use. On my experience i installed the android finer app on my Samsung Galaxy S 3 and it works great! We have tried to hidden the phone in various parts of the house and with a simple whistle my smartphone has started to play to noting its position. So this app will help you to found and locate android smartphone if maybe you forgot when you place it or you lost you phone.

Which one of you is have known about "spring chicken" surely you remember such a thing out about twenty years ago. This was a key ring with the device discovery via whistle. This is the modern version of applied technology for smart phones with Android operating system.

Here we give the android finder free demo video which does not need any comment.

The 'App is fully configurable and can be activated by turning on the phone by doing the app will be ready to detect the position of your smartphone with a simple whistle.


To download the 'Free Android App Finder go to the following web address: Android Finder free

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