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Easy Tutorial Root HTC One X With Hasoon Toolkit

By davis becklin on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 0 comments

In this article i will show you how to use HTC One X root toolkit by Hasoon. With This root toolkit you can do many things to your HTC One x easily. Such as root, unlock bootloader, flash recovery and more. By this toolkit you can root your device both root on Ice Cream Sandwich or on Gingerbread. This time we leave aside all traditional guides.

Think, if you have a HTC One X, this time can really make you happy. Not only will you be able to have root acces, but you'll also have other useful settings such as unlock bootloader, recovery mode and other functions. Please read all step by step istruction  on how to use htc one x hasoon toolkit completely. So you can use the root toolkit perfectly and can know all the features. Just want to say actaully this phone have received the jelly bean update but still in some country, another country will received it in some stage. the latest firmware on ics for this phone HTC One X android 4.0.4


  • HTC One X.
  • Backup all data to avoid unwanted losses.
  • Phone battery charged to at least 80%.
  • Download HTC One X hasoon toolkit from here .

Root HTC One X with Hasoon root toolkit

Below i will explain completely how to root htc one x with hasoon htc one x toolkit. Read step by step completely

  1. Download the package this in the requirements, leaving everything on the file name.
  2. Extract the rar package on your PC. And i advice you to extract to a folder in your C: \ drive of your computer so as to make it easier to find the files.
  3. Go to the folder you just extracted and run the toolkit by clicking on One x.exe
  4. You should now see this picture below:

how to root htc one x

Unlock Bootloader

  • launched the toolkit you downloaded in the first part and click Install HTC Drivers, and then press GO to install the necessary drivers to your PC.
  • Click on register HTCDev and press GO. In this way you will be redirected to the HTC Development. Create an account and login.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your PC to etelefono and take your ID token and copy it. To achieve this you need to click the right mouse button in the window of the command prompt. You will see a pop-up menu. Choose Mark and select the Token ID. After highlights the entire Token ID, press the button inside the mouse to copy it.
  • Now select Submit Token ID and send your ID Token to HTC Development website. You will receive a file under the name of Unlock_Code.bin through your mail. Download the file and save it in the Data folder inside the folder Toolkit HTC One X.
  • Then select Unlock Bootloader and click Go to start unlocking the bootloader of the phone.
to unlock bootloader you also can do with more simple step read : unlock htc one x bootloader

Flash recovery On HTC One X

  • Colegate your phone to the PC with a USB cable and launch One x.exe.
  • Under the Recovery section, select the desired recovery. You will have your choice between the following:
  • ClockworkMod Recovery Touch
  • DoomRecovery B1 (custom ClockworkMod Recovery).
  • Interim (custom ClockworkMod Recovery).
  • Stock recovery.
  • Choose whichever you prefer, and then click Flash Recovery for the recovery that you like best on your device.

Run commands

  • Within the toolkit, there are commands that you can follow in an instant with a single click, here's what:
  • Boot into bootloader mode (boot into Bootloader).
  • Boot into recovery mode (boot into Recovery).
  • Restart your phone (restart phone).
  • Re-lock the bootloader (riboccare the Bootloader).
  • Select what you want and confirm by clicking on Do Command.

Root Process on HTC One X

  • To get the root is easy way, connect the HTC One X to the PC with a USB cable and launch One x.exe
  • Under the Commands section, select Boot into recovery and clicacte on Do Command. Wait for it to reboot into recovery mode.
  • Under the Extras section, select Perm Root (GB / ICS) and click Run.Il toolkit will automatically launch all the necessary files to get permanent root access on your HTC One X.
ok thats it. Do you like these few steps, and this toolkit? your phone is now root in an easy way.

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