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Radardroid Pro 2.58 Camera App For Android Smartphone

By davis becklin on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 0 comments

Today i will introduce an excellent android camera apps for your phone. This app is called Radardroid Pro 2.58. This application is super updated and allows you to travel quiet and safe. because once activated, this radardroid will alert you (in background) every time you go to exceed the speed limit provided for that stretch of road or when you're probably approaching the camera speed limit.

Report fixed and mobile speed cameras.

you must try this because it is very excellent and super updated.

Radardroid Pro A Safety Camera With advice on Android

Radardroid provides a visual alert, sound and voice, when you approach any speed cameras, fixed or mobile, traffic light detector, or any other device for measuring the speed in the application database. This application automatically will give you an alert from a known site and allows you to avoid the possibility of receiving a fine for speeding or otherwise.

RadarDroid Feature

radardroid feature for android phone

The feature of radardroid camera is : This program is completely translated into Italian and is highly configurable. It has a built in map editor for manual entry of the new speed cameras POI, TTS voice settings is according to your Android device, it works in the background without the need for an active data connection and consumes very few resources, you can even use radardroid app with any other satellite navigation system app.

If you want to download apk from google play this may help you : download apk from play store to pc

New version 2:58

Updated: November 29, 2012
Current Version: 2.58
Features available in this release:

  • Solve small bugs.
  • Added Demo Mode delay setting

So do you interested with this camera app navigation for your daily use? So now to try this app, download Radardroid 2.58 here is the download link :

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