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Sony launches Xperia Lounge its own platform for exclusive content

By davis becklin on Monday, December 17, 2012 0 comments

From now you can find a new application from Sony in Google Play, It is the beta version of the Xperia Lounge. this application will be mediator for share anything and also discuss forum for fellow xperia user, offer competitions and prepare information and, of course, with focus on owners of Xperia smartphones . Many of these contents are in fact reserved exclusively only for Xperia customers.
xperia lounge application release

If you want to install xperia lounge application, which is released free by sony. Your android smartphone operating system version at least must be at 2.2 or higher. A real value you learn but it is only for Xperia device. O this application you can win in a variety of events tickets for sporting events, movies or concerts. In addition, there are also exclusive videos and also you can see live streaming of concerts and latest news about film release.

Xperia Lounge Review

Below i will try to give review of xperia lounge app
For me as a non-Xperia user the story now is not so exciting for me, also the app is still not running stable enough. For the owner of Xperia smartphones that can of course look through the contents this app reserved have some interesting things. However, it is reported by users who have download it from Google Play that they have to struggle with some hurdles. So you can, for example, sometimes do not register as a VIP user, downloaded video will not play, etc.

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If it a Xperia device and have installed the xperia lounge, you can tell us yes to know how stable it is and how interesting it is for you. Personally I can not imagine after a first glance, that this platform could tip the scales when I think about for which Android Smartphone chooses a potential buyer

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