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Best Keyboard For Android: Download SwiftKey Beta Flow

By davis becklin on Thursday, December 6, 2012 0 comments

And now available to download that many people say it is the best keyboard for Android smartphone a first beta version of SwiftKey keyboard Flow. This is a beta version, but it works quite well and allows you to preview all the news that will become available with the final release of the program.

But let's see in detail what will be offers by SwiftKey Flow and what are the main changes introduced by this update.

Swiftkey Flow keyboard for android

After the official announcement, which took place in October, the developers from SwiftKey release the new update of keyboard for android smartphone, which is called SwiftKey Flow.
Contrary to what happened in the past, this time it's not just a simple update, but a completely new keyboard, both in features and in the graphics.

SwiftKey Flow Best Keyboard For Android

The main novelty of SwiftKey Flow keyboard is the ability to type messages using Swype, just like the new keyboard Android 4.2 ( Read what is android 4.2 new features ).

Unlike the classic keyboard apps for android however, SwiftKey Flow can count on great predictive system keyboard that developed by the company, which can more accurate to recognize the words that we want to insert even before we start typing, speeding up significantly writing messages, Email and text in general.

Basically, then, you can now take advantage of all the unique features that have made ​​famous the keyboard SwiftKey, adding the ability to type text with Swype.

As we said, the keyboard is available as a beta public and can be installed on smarthpone or tablet by following the links below:

How To Install The SwiftKey Flow Keyboard on Android

To install swiftkey flow keyboard on your smartphone It 's all very simple. This is a normal APK file, then:

  1. download the file compatible with your device
  2. copy it to the SD
  3. install it using a shared file manager
  4. start it
  5. follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Remember that if you have enabled the unknown installation sources can proceed smoothly, otherwise, once enabled by the reminder, tap the application again and finish the procedure to install it.

At this point let us know your experience with this new keyboard SwiftKey Flow for Android.
If you do not want to install the keyboard, here is a video that shows the function with all the news.

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