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Sky Go for Android extends the service to Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Note 2

By davis becklin on Saturday, December 15, 2012 0 comments

On my previous post i have told you about Sky Go app available for Galaxy S3 soon and after some of sky subscriber complaints, especially of those who own high-end device, it seems that something has moved and here comes an update and compatibility with the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2. Sky also has broadened the range of available channels.

sky go for galaxty s2 and galaxy note

Sky Go app For Samsung Galaxy Series

First, if you want to download it, please remember that you can not use if you already root your device, so go here and download it from the Samsung App Store .

This application for the uninitiated, allows you to watch Sky channels on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet (also on PC). The comatibilties for this app until now is only available for few device, in fact you could see the packages Football and Sports (then respectively league and cup), Sky TG24, Fox and some other channel, but from November 29 2012 channels will rise to 28 among which we can find the new On Demand section which contains a large library of over 600 titles (movies, TV series, documentaries and children's programs), Fox Life, Sky Arts and DeAKids.

Who Can Use it

Tomorrow, they will use this application not only customers high definition, but also the holders of a normal, all without having to bear any additional cost.
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Negative Side From Sky Go

  1. The first is that the service is good, but is a bit annoying at sports events, in fact, is deferred to a few tens of seconds, so if you look at a game we do not recommend that you use an application that notifies the goal because it could take away the "beauty of direct" and tell you that one team has scored even before the action is completed.
  2. The second is that an application of this type, which is really a valuable service to a subscriber, is the fact that it is available only for a niche device, probably because of trade agreements between Sky and Samsung, as it does not seem that many devices will be discarded for other reasons more logical, like maybe the limitations in hardware. This represents a major limitation for extending the application and the service, so we hope that something is done soon to improve compatibility with a wider range of devices.

Hopefully Sky will quickly realize that it would be to provide the service to as many subscribers as possible and then make available the app from a certain type of Hardware and model.

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