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AdBlock Plus App Caused High Data Consumption

By davis becklin on Saturday, December 1, 2012 0 comments

In my previous post i have told you about advertisement blocker apps on android smartphone and where to download it. So if you didn't read it, you read on AdBlock Plus Apps On Playstore. Now i will discuss more about adblock pluss review. Recently i received about the ad blocker for Android AdBlock Plus reports. Here I would like to at least explain a point short on something.

Adblock Plus app causes namely significantly more high data consumption , more precisely up to 10 times more data. Actually, a ad blocker do the exact opposite. Just when you only spend a few data volume, but if when you acces big data volume with adblock plus app on it you should think about it.

Adblock pluss app caused 10 times more data consumption

The principle, which is why it absorbs so much data volumes, sometimes simply explained: AdBlock Plus filters to the data from the website see what data is advertising and what is not. As an example, let's take a video from Youtube. This needs to be charged several times and filter out the ads. Even with these web pages are loaded in the background several times to filter out the ads. So really makes no sense now. And it creates a healthy ecosystem that's not even. The many bloggers - like me - or services are funded in part by advertising revenue and eg buy new equipment or similar. I would by reason of recommend, as loyalty to the bloggers and developers over these services to non-use.

But If you really want this system to make filter ads on android smartphone, you can also use and download the Adfree app from the Channel Store. This does require root privileges, but can still filter directly by Host records which is more less data consumption.

Title Post: AdBlock Plus App Caused High Data Consumption
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