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Run Android Apps on Windows With BlueStacks

By davis becklin on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 0 comments

Maybe you Have not heard about BlueStacks, with bluestack you will able to run android apps on Windows PC or laptop.  Before I have presented about this software. you can read about install WhatsApp on PC, because to do that you use bluestacks as the virtual machine to install whatsapp. So now you can use or install Android apps on Windows. Today they released the first beta version ( direct download ). After installing BlueStacks you have a virtual machine with Android "on the run".

how to run android apps on windows

Preinstalled find some apps ( Evernote , Pulse Reader, Docs to go ...) others (the remaining 450,000 from the store in the world) can also to be installed with bluestacks. Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, Space gamble Android on a PC? No problem. Yes, BlueStacks is easy to install and operate. However, I wonder why the software still the use age-old Rocket Dock installed, which I last saw on Windows XP times. These docks are not outdated. What else is there to say?

BlueStacks : Run Android Apps On windows

install bluestacks on windows

BlueStacks will offer the package and the costs after the beta period. Then, some pay apps in its package. Also want to make the synchronization of the BlueStacks Android Smartphone is possible, Cloud Connect is called the fun.

So as BlueStacks is certainly not bad idea that will allow you run android apps on windows, personally I can say for that I will not be installing this software well - by my Android Smartphone, I simply do not need it, and when, do I install Android on your PC . Is hard to explain - BlueStacks strikes me as non-alcoholic beer. It tastes really, does not feel right. If you like it maybe you will use it, but for me i don't interest on it. 

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