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Best Alarm Application For Android : Alarm Clock Ultra

By davis becklin on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 0 comments

Wake up on time, is a common problem faced by many people. If you're a user of android smartphone and also frequently late to wake up, with this alarm application for android will help you to wake up early.

Before I continue this article may occur in your mind, generally each mobile phone including android already has alarm feature. Why should use this application??
Yes, indeed in general alarm feature already embedded in almost all cell phones. From the sophisticated to the old model though, but the alarm clock application for android that I offer is a little different and has lots of advantages, Ok below i will start the review.
alarm clock application for android

Best Alarm Application to make wake early

This application has the name Ultra Alarm Clock, and in this android application is already stored lots of features. Let's start in terms of display or the interface, alarm clock application for android, this one has a pretty nice interface with a few widgets that are available and easy to ipahani, note the very convenient is viewed with some widgets.
Other features of this alarm is an alarm clock that is unique, for example, an alarm clock to wake the particular choice, countdown timer (timer), and the most unique is the timer for boiling eggs, complete with how to boil an egg. Let's take the one by one some of the main features of this alarm.

Timer to countdown, and the Stopwach

The reasonable feature is Timer to count down and the stopwach which you can use to measure time. Although impressed, the timer features for counting backwards this is the most often i used in this alarm application.

Alarm Which forces you to wake up

Yes, the usual alarms. You are setting the time when it will be turned on, to get out of bed for example and your android phone will be directly read out loud like other alarms, then what is the special?
This Alarm has the features of simple games to shut down or just delay the alarm goes off (snooze). After the alarm rang on the hour you specify, to stop or delay the alarm to the next hour you have to play the game that inevitably will force you to get up, concentrating on solving the game. you can see the preview below:
alarm clock ultra feature

Timer For Boiled eggs

That may sound a little strange, but indeed this Ultra Alarm Clock application provides a timer to count the time of boiling eggs, complete with instructions. You can see the preview below:
timer feature on ultra clock alarm

If you've decided to download, you can go directly to the page of google play by clicking the link below:
Download alarm clock application


For the disadvantage, according me there are 2. The size is large, approximately 17 MB. Is very large for an android alarm app classmates. Other flaws are, these applications cannot be moved to the external memory so that should take some of the internal spaces. This makes tips to move android apps to the SD card and how to use link2sd is not applicable.
Overall, the alarm clock application for android is pretty good according for me, especially since some of its unique interface. the games Feature games for just snooze or to stop make me choose the ultra alarm clock if compared with another application.

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