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AdBlock Plus Apps for Android now in Play Store

By Unknown on Saturday, December 1, 2012 0 comments

Now the awaited apps for many android users which can block the annoying ads smartphone has been released. Regular readers are well informed, becuase they already knew yesterday that the ad blocker AdBlock Plus for Android will be released today at Play Store from Google. I have explained the operation already yesterday at length, so I'll spare the time at this point and if you want to read more about the official release not for adblock plus you can read on my previous post: adblock plus ready to release.

Adblock for android release

How to Block Ads On Android

AdBlock Plus is one of the few ad blockers that do not require root privileges, the full function given but only with root privileges. Currently missing but unfortunately the computer from known and much loved white and blacklists. I personally put those advertising blocks really only for very stubborn sites which I know from the front in, popping up here equal to 10 popups and virus messages - but really only on this. Conversely, "thank you" I am also happy to websites when using the post like / or has helped the advertising is interesting.

Once to for the new AdBlock Plus usesr, disabled "Show notifications" but please ideally under Apps - Adblock Plus - App Info. Thus, you also get no message when advertising is blocked.

Download Adblock Plus from play store

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