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What is Odex and Deodex Meaning On Android

By davis becklin on Friday, December 21, 2012 0 comments

For you that often custumize your android smartphone you should know about the meaning of odex and deodex. How many times have you spent on trying new rom to your Android smartphone? you must be often found about these two terms: Deodex and Odex well. For who is still new in android must be have no idea about what is the meaning of odex and deodex. So in this article i will explain as clear as i can

meaning of odex and deodex

The meaning Of Odex file

The meaning of odex is : In Android applications are consist a package .apk. These applications or packages .APK, contain a number of odex files to save space. Those odex files are actually pieces of anapplication are optimized before boot that has a speed increase, since you preload the application. The disadvantage, however, is the difficulty of hacking of these files, because the code is already checked out to another location before boot.

What is a deodex files

The meaning of Deodex file is : Make a deodexing is to create a package riassemblandolo apk files in a file classes.dexso that all parts of an application are put together in one place , eliminating the problem of having apk conflicts with other parties odexed. Practically a Deodexed Rom has all its apk merged into single file facilitating the change as the theming. Since there are no pieces of code coming from another location, the ROMs or custom are deodexed apk to preserve their integrity.

advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Roms / deodexed is in the possible changes. This usually occurs in custom rom, a Developer chooses to deodex your rom apk because this not only will enable you to change the various applications, but leave the possibility for the user to install themes at a later time.
On the other hand, as the ODEX files should be faster to create the cache dalvik, removing them will have a much longer initial boot. Anyway, this only happens on the first boot after deodexing and the cache will continue to create while ' application is used. Start times will lengthen again only if it is cleared Dalvik cache.

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In conclusion to the end-user the choice falls on deodexed ROMs (most custom ROMs that are located) to the possibility to install different themes.

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