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How To Install Skype On Android And Use It On Phone With Easy Way

By davis becklin on Thursday, December 27, 2012 0 comments

Skype messenger application lately is seems its popularity was increased So in this post i will show you list of skype features and how to install it, The fact we can see from the increasing number of users United States and Europe, although there is no official data that supports.
This happens because Skype puts an interesting improvement of features that do not exist in all other messenger application. Such as telephone facilities from Skype to phone or mobile phone, phone streaming, send sms, etc.

Along with the popularity of smartphones in the recent days, Skype is also known as best whatsapp alternative if you already use whatsapp as we know if whatsapp will chrage the user in 2013. Skype does not want to miss with their support for the smartphone. When viewed from the official website of Skype, they already support the popular smartphone devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

install skype on android phone

Install Skype Application on Your Android Device

For Android user how to install Skype on android phone is quite easy, you just signed in to Google Play type Skype on the search box, once you found it please open and click the Install button. The installation will run automatically, make sure your Internet connection is not broken so that the installation process doesn't fail.

Or if one day there was a problem on Google Play and you can't install Skype directly from there, there are other alternatives that can be used i.e. by downloading Skype from, please search Skype then download the application and please search where lies the new Skype installation file that you can download, and then please click to install.

Install Skype on Sd Card

By default the installation of Skype will be stored on the phone memory, if You want to move to the SD Card you can follow the steps below, but keep in mind that this step can only be done in Android 2.2 and above.
  • open the Menu.
  • Select Settings then Applications.
  • go to Manage Applications then select Skype.
  • Select Move to SD Card to move applications to the SD Card in Skype.


According to the FAQ page at the official website of Skype, the Skype application can be run from your smartphone with Android OS 2.1, minimum processor 600 MHz, minimum memory at least have 27MB space. While the screen resolution that is supported is 320 × 240, 240 × 400, 320 × 480, 800 × 480 and 850 × 480.

Features of Skype for Android devices

Because of the limitations on a mobile device so features that supported Skype for Android devices are different from Skype for PC or Laptop. And here's the features supported by Skype for Android devices.
skype features for android phone

So you can see if to install skype on android phone or another android device is easy. And With this application you can get many feature as i mentioned above. So will you choose skype as your messenger on android phone ?

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