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Google I / O Events Will Be Held From 15 To 17 In May 2013

By davis becklin on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 0 comments

Google has announced the date when google will held the next google I / O events On 2013. For you that have big enthusiasts on technology development especially for android development, such as smartphone news, android application, android operating sysrem updates and many more that related to mobile technology must know about this date. Next year is very important for you that i have mentioned above. Because Google has announced the date for the Google I / O developer conference in 2013. The Google I / O will be held next year and at 15 - 17 Scheduled in May.

For you that interested with the mobile technology especially android smartphone, its application and the feature should now mark the date in the calendar. Because On these days will be held Google developer conference. Experience shows that on that event will be shown innovation by Google. One might suspect that the fifth month of the year will be released an Android 5.0. Because before on my previous post we have discussed if google employee confirm android 5.0 on comic.

It is likely that at the Google I / O 2013 also will determined a new Nexus device, so we will get to see. And also Google Glasses could then be ready to be unleashed on the masses. But we still need to wait and see. And let's see what it is next year then.


google i / o events date

So to all the tecnology development followers, please waut and marks your calendar on next year at the 15.-17. May, Google I / O 2013 is taking place. And as always, Google will then delight us with a few surprises, with something that maybe we don't imagine before.

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