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Droid Explorer: Best Apps To Manage Android File on Windows PC

By davis becklin on Monday, December 10, 2012 0 comments

Do you need a file manager application for your android smartphone? Or maybe you still confuse which is the best fil manager application? On this post i will share my experience with droid explorer which is in my opinion it is the best app to manage android file on windows pc or laprop.

I recommend you to try the Droid Explorer app, an excellent free application that allows you to better manage file on Android smartphone from your Windows PC. The program is free and allows you to manage every aspect of your Android smartphone or tablet.

preview of droid explorer

android apps to manage file on pc

Manage Android File From PC

Droid Explorer allows you to perform various operations with your Android smartphone from  PC.

the feature from this app such as mentioned below:
  • Explore the Android smartphone and see all the files stored on it.
  • Transfer any file to your smartphone or tablet from PC Windows and vice versa, with a simple drag & drop.
  • Quickly install and uninstall programs on Android from a Windows PC (even APK file).
  • Capture screenshots on Android directly from a Windows PC.
  • Record video interface on your Android smartphone or tablet, using your Windows PC.
  • Quickly install the update file (the
  • Do a full backup of Android or do a full restore from a previous backup.


To Download droid explorer go here

As you can see, the program is very comprehensive and allows you to do almost anything with your Android smartphone, all from your Windows PC. And remember that those listed are not even all the functions of the program, because it offers much, much more!

All very simple and fast. you can perform any kind of operation, manage file from PC on your Android device, directly from Windows. Try it and let me know what you think and how you are with Droid Explorer.

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