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Ink Over Apps : Quick Note LG Phone Now For All Smartphones

By davis becklin on Friday, December 7, 2012 0 comments

Perhaps not everyone knows about quick note apps, but LG, with its new smartphones, has launched a new applications which is truly exceptional. It's Quick Notes apps, which we will tell you about in the coming days with the review of LG Optimus L9.
For those who do not know what is Quick Note, however, suffice it to say that it is a very useful software, which is activated in an instant, which lets you take notes, write and draw by hand on any screen on your Android smartphone.
quick note apps for lg smartphone

With Quick Notes, in practice, you can write and take notes quickly on Android, in any screen of your smartphone. With a tap, then you can remove the background of Android and enter the classic yellow notes. It 'a very useful program, but is available exclusively for smartphones LG.

Ink Over Apps : Quick Notes for All Smartphonoe

Today, however, thanks to Ink Over Apps, because the application comes to all Android smartphones. Ink Over Apps, in fact, bears the famous program Quick Notes on all LG Android.

Just like the software Quick Notes for LG smartphone, also Ink Over Apps allows you to make sketches, drawings, taking notes, notes or anything else directly on the screen of our smartphones at any time. Fully compatible with Android 4.2 , it also takes advantage of the latest within the notifications.

As you can see from the pictures, the program is really well done and the costs is very cheap if we see it from the benefts: which is less than € 1. However, considering its usefulness, I'd say it's worth all the money needed by its developer.

In fact, Ink Over Apps which is Quick Note apps for all smartphone model offers a variety of colors, styles of handwriting and erase any mistakes. The activation of the program is directly through area of ​​notifications and it's really comfortable. If you wish, then, what we write can be hidden and resumed at any screen without losing any data. It is a software that will be convenient in many occasions. Really recommended.

Download Ink Over Apps from play store

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