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Instagram Privacy Policy Update: use your photos in advertisements

By davis becklin on Thursday, December 20, 2012 0 comments

Instagram new Privacy Policy Update have been released. At April 2012 when we got the news that Facebook had acquired the Instagram app, a social network based on photographs and since then there have been several changes made by engineers and programmers hired by Zuckerberg, you stated from the start that the road was dictated by executives of Palo Alto, the imprint was precisely what we had already met with Facebook, i.e. turn into promotional payment information within social networks.
instagram privacy policy update


Instagram Privacy Policy Update . Now more than ever on Instagram we can see the hand of Zuckerberg, who has changed the rules in aligning them with those parts of Facebook, with all the implications of the case. From what can be seen in the new text of the "Terms of Service" (you can find read all the TOS here nstagram new term of service), it would seem that now the photographs uploaded by users, which in turn could become promotional material, so don't be surprised if you find your smile on a sponsored stories of a brand of toothpaste or your peeling on a post dedicated to products for baldness.


We see in detail the suspect:
Some or all of the services may be supported by advertising revenue. To help you provide interesting content paid or sponsored, you agree that a corporation or other entity will pay to view the user name, interests, photos (along with all the associated meta-data), in conjunction with sponsored content and promotions, without any compensation for him.

In the old text instead, it referred only to the possibility of display of the advertising content from any sponsor.

It would seem then that advertising is about to land on Instagram, these new Privacy rules will enter into force on 16 January 2013, then still little time and we can figure out what will be the result of history.

What Will Not Like By Instagram Users

We believe this move is not correct, because in this way Instagram turns from "photo tray" to "photo" market, but the photographer and then the user, not any gain occurs, but feeds with their own material gain.

Another little proper move was to insert these new terms of service exclusively in English, certainly will not ignore the fact that not everyone is familiar with the language and for this reason we feel a real clever stuff, time not to understand users what really happens inside the app.

Whenever you access from Mobile or from the Web, accept the Terms of Service, so the only way to make sure that our pictures and our image will not be exploited for commercial purposes, would be to cancel your account or delete instagram account.

Everyone face what it considers fairer for himself, there is nonetheless seemed dutiful towards those who follow us, informing them of this news is making save quite a stir and the resulting closure of many accounts.

You will continue to use or delete account Instagram?

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