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How To Create Tiny Planet Effect With Photosphere

By davis becklin on Sunday, February 3, 2013 0 comments

With the LG nexus 4 Google photosphere camera launched and the ability to distort the pictures you can make effect as if you can create little mini planet.

Under the keyword "Tiny Planets" little mini planet cause a sensation since the launch of the nexus. It is reworked photo sphere recordings. The photosphere feature allows to build 4 full 360-grand views of a site with the LG Neuxs 4. Exactly, in a similar form, you know this all round panorama street view.

In the meantime have itself first communities formed, whose members are each other with new mini planet supply. The results cover the spectrum between funny and impressive fully. The creation of this tiny planets is not rocket science, but quite quickly made.

How to create tiny planet with photosphere

How to create tiny planet effect is easy, it is only need five minutes, until it has the first mini planet on your Smartphone.

Photo sphere function select
To use the photosphere function, you must be selected in the settings of the native camera app from Android 4.2. After starting the app, it hides behind the camera icon that left is placed next to the release button. You enter it, you have the choice between photo, film, Panorama and photo sphere function.
create mini planet with photosphere

Create photosphere record
Now, after calibrating the camera on a fixed point of reference, to make photos in all directions around your location. After the panorama image against a grey background then. Has you covered all the directions, renders the pictures with the software into a single image, and irons exposure differences.

how to use photosphere

Take to the Open Gallery
After shooting, the photo app can be closed. Now, you must open it with the native gallery app. In the camera folder you will find the photosphere recording that is marked with the bulbous panorama icon.
how to create tiny planet

Create mini planet
After opening a tap on the tiny planets icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen to convert the photosphere recording in a mini planet. A tap on the symbol with the three circles on the left side leads to some nice editing features. With their help, you can edit the mini planet, for example, with some filters. Done, have fun!
photosphere tips

Finish. Now you can easily create tiny planet with your photosphere function on your LG Nexus 4. Don't forget to share it with your friends.

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