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Monitoring Traffic Information With Verkehrs Android App

By davis becklin on Sunday, February 10, 2013 0 comments

Since the Android phone application is developed continuously, it is convenient if it can delivers traffic information immediately to your phone. The VerkehrsApp makes this possible. This application collects current traffic information from users, police or building authorities, the app prepares and send them via push service directly on the mobile phone. The whole thing in practice looks like, we have looked at once. This is the android apps for monitoring traffic jam

monitor traffic jam with android app

Monitor Traffic Jam with Android Verkehrs app

Traffic reports are displayed in a list, labeled such as construction, accident or speed cameras. The list can be filtered according to the areas of Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Saxony including these cities. When clicking on a list item, there are more information to each message like distance from your own location, message time, maximum speed, and so on.

The user can show the hazard area on a map and then specify whether or not the message is still relevant. The message list is unfortunately risk type, or time or date. A sorting option is desirable here.

Paid Push Feature

Also push message can be expanded again by speed cameras, accident, traffic jam, respect and site, as well as for regions and cities can also push messages. The first 14 days of the push function is free of charge and the usability is not automatically extended. Who still want to use this function, will pay a six-month amount of 1.59 euros. Without push capabilities, messages can be manually updated.

The push function for individual districts even when app switched off works to save battery. That so far still not for all regions in Germany a push service is offered, is according to New press multimedia Ltd. of missing moderators and cooperation partners in these areas.

Report hazards
The advantage Of this app users can report hazards according to the preceding criteria and complement with a place on the map, a comment, his nickname, a photo, and other details, depending on the source of danger. To what extent is the app of use and hazards is widely collected, also always depends on the activity of app users.

To download the Verkehrs App you can directly download it from google play

Ease of use
Overall, everything there, where it is believed it is no need settling in period, to navigate to inside the VerkehrsApp. This app were tested on a Star B79 Android 4.0.3 (ice cream sandwich) and runs very quickly.

On the unordered and to sort representation of messages in list view and the remaining regions within the push function, the VerkehrsApp is a successful and expandable Android application for monitoring the traffic information.

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