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List Of New Features On Android 4.2.2

By davis becklin on Friday, February 15, 2013 0 comments

As we know, Android 4.2.2 has been released yesterday by Google for the range of Nexus device. However, there still will available update release for Galaxy yakju Nexus, the Nexus 7 Wi-Fi + 3 g and for the Nexus 4, and we're sure will arrive within a short time.
But what is it the actually new changes on Android 4.2.2? There was only a bug fix or is there more on this update which is the file size is about 50 MB? Now i will explain in detail the complete changelog of the new version of Android 4.2.2.

What's new in Android 4.2.2 

Below you can read my explanation of what is the new features and what's new on android 4.2.2

Data protection from theft on the device with USB Debugging

list of new features on android 4.2.2

Now when you connect your device via USB to the PC, both devices communicate using an RSA key that your device with Android 4.2.2 onboard provides uniquely to your PC. You can choose to allow only once always the USB Debugging, which cannot be executed when you connect your device to a different PC. In this way, in the event that unfortunately our tablet or smartphone there is stolen, you will not be able to send the information and user data. It is a very simple function but equally useful.

Download notifications with seconds remaining

appear download remaining time

As you can see from this image, now when you download any files, will appears the percentage of download, also the amount of time remaining until it is completed. Many might think that this could be a function on the Google Play Store updated to the new version of Android, and this is not the case. The Play Store version is still the 3.10.10, where by Android developers have just made a change to the operating system level.

Quick Settings now as the Toggle

new quick setting on android 4.2.2

Similar with android 4.2 new fetures, which is first introduced the Quick Settings, or buttons in the notification bar to go in the settings of a particular feature and activate or deactivate it. It was not possible, up to version 4.2.1, enable or disable functionality simply by selecting them, something that now with Android 4.2.2 you can. Both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, now can be activated directly from the notification bar by a long press on its Quick Setting, as is the case in many custom ROMS and some UI customizations to other companies.

New sounds for low battery and Wireless charging

Were also introduced new sounds for the Nexus 4 that are played when there is a low battery and when we rest our device on a wireless charging base, especially when the battery is below 95%.

Call Settings
It was removed the option to view the entire list of calls in the phone application, you do not yet know why. Perhaps, and looking forward to receiving confirmations we update, The Android  4.2.2  default already show it.

New animations for the Gallery
The Gallery has been improved with the new version of Android and in particular were introduced of new animations that make the application faster than before. Even in this case expect to receive the update, after which there will provide much more information about it.

Besides these improvements on android 4.2.2 that visible to the user's eye, there are many other Android developers operated that aimed to solve some bugs, such as that concerning the connection with the Bluetooth headset that, however doesn't seem to have been solved right at all.
Here, then, we reported the link that redirects to the official page of changelog of the developers in case you're interested. Android 4.2.2 changelog

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