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Connect With Wireless To Access SD card From Android Phone

By davis becklin on Sunday, February 3, 2013 0 comments

Another awesome application for android device has emerged again. Now you can use an application to connect to your sd card to computer from a wireless connection or wifi. AirPlay network, UPnP/DLNA, Bluetooth: The wireless possibilities are endless. Four ideas on how you can use it.

Wireless access to the data of the SD card [root]

The computer to connect to the cell phone not always via USB cable, can be accessed with the app Samba file sharing with the computer via Wi-Fi directly to an SD card.


  • Install Samba file sharing app.
  • under menu > settings username and password set up and select a name under NetBIOS name for the appliance.
  • Save on Windows Explorer which enter address displayed and enter your username/password or just as a network drive.
  • under OSX Apple + K push and connect to server. Type: smb: / / "IP address as when Samba displayed" / media

connect sd card to computer via wireless

Rich media streaming on your home network
Would you play photos or videos from your mobile phone on the TV, you can share this app for a UPnP/DLNA-enabled playback device such as the PlayStation 3 or Apple's airplay.


  • Install the iMediashare Lite app on your phone.
  • App start and wait until it has connected to the network.
  • The multimedia device select the appropriate client and play multimedia data.

With the remote control the Windows Calculator

With apps like remote RDP, you can log in via Remote Desktop on his computer and work with it fully.


  • Computer for remote desktop support set up, including the router settings and the establishment of a service like DynDNS.
  • Install Remote RDP app, which set up corresponding address and then to access the computer.

remote desktop apps for android

Smartphone as a remote control

Many devices now offer control via Web interface or Wi-Fi and also bring a perfect app.

Four examples:

  • Using Foobar2000 controller app to control the music player. The decor is slightly more complex, but who uses Foobar2000, for which the app is a great help. So it is the Player automatically mute when a call comes in, and you can rate the tracks.

android phone as remote control

  • Gmote allows you to control various functions of the computer such as PowerPoint or video player. This must be a "Server" to be installed on the computer, and of course the Gmote app on the phone.
  • The Retune App allows you to remotely control iTunes on your desktop PC with the Android Smartphone. How to it, you can read here.

To download the app directly as apk file you can read on : download apk file from google play

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