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Get Back Warranty On Galaxy S3 Or Galaxy Note 2 After Rooted

By davis becklin on Monday, February 11, 2013 0 comments

In this guide today i will explain how you can restore the warranty of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. In the case where the warranty have been carried out by modding, root or super user, installing new kernel, and installing custom recovery may cause you void your phone warranty .
In particular, this guide is aimed at those who have installed in your phone:
  • custom rom
  • modified kernel
  • Cf-Root
  • root or recovery change

  • Before proceeding, we recommend that you backup your personal data (Sms, contacts, files, internal memory, etc.) and nandroid backup Read how to make nandroid backup
    The warranty repair procedure may delete the personal data contained in your phone.
  • Before start the process to restore the warranty read entirely the guide below and then follow it step by step.

How to get back warranty on Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note2

Step 1
The first step will be to restore the custom binary counters and system status using Triangle Away (to use it requires root permissions).
Attention : do not abuse the tools because it acts on the bootloader on your phone. To date, however, no negative experiences were detected.
  1. Download on the phone the latest version of Triangle Away
    On the Xda forums is this apk is free version (annex TriangleAway-vX.XX.apk). Install it by clicking on it.
  2. Start the app and remember to grant the rights to root (a popup will appear later).
    If prompted, confirm the additional data download (6 MB).
    how to restore warranty for galaxy s3
  3. Start Triangle Away.
    The first time, you will be asked if the device has been properly recognized.
    If so, confirm by clicking Continue.
    remove triangle exclamation on galaxy s3
  4. Now Click the button Reset Flash counter and confirm by clicking continue.
    binary counter reset for galaxy s3
  5. The procedure automatically reset the binary counter.
  6. In some situations, the device may restart in a special mode.
    If this is your case, to proceed to the setting the counters to zero press the Volume up
    Otherwise, to cancel the operation, press the volume down button.
    Caution : do not turn off or reboot the phone by use power button.
    triangle away galaxy s3   Guida completa al ripristino della garanzia sul Samsung Galaxy S3 e Note 2
Step 2
After reset the binary counter, now we will flash Original samsung firmware with Odin, this will erase all traces of custom rom, kernel or recovery.
  1. Download the original Samsung Firmware that you match with your model. For Galaxy S3 - for Galaxy note 2.( i will attach the link soon)
    Important: If you have installed at least once (even in the past) a Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware, always use the same version (no Jelly Bean 4.1.1 or earlier).
  2. Start odin (download latest odin) and on PDA field choose the firmware extracted from the downloaded archive (the final extension is displayed in the field must be .tar or .tar.md5).
    restore warranty for galaxy note2
  3. Enter to download mode
    By phone off press the buttons VOLUME down +HOME + POWER and wait until you'll find yourself within the following screen.
    Confirm by pressing the Volume Up button.
    enter download mode on galaxy s3
  4. Connect your smartphone to your pc via usb and, after recognized by odin (the field ID: COM will turn green), click Start.
    flash official firmware on galaxy s3
  5. You will now install the official firmware and discarded every firmware track of custom modding.
  6. When finished the phone will reboot automatically.
    If your galaxy note 2 or galaxy s3 stuck in the start-up phase (more than 10-15 minutes), perform a hard reset by recovery: read how to do hard reset.

Step 3
The warranty repair procedure has not yet ended.
  1. Turn on your phone, go into Settings > device Info > State.
    If the device entry is normal, you can skip this step.
    But if it shows CHANGED or "Modificatio" as in the following image, you must continue this step
    device status are in changed
  2. To change the status from changed to Normal, you must perform a factory data reset (hard reset).
    From the menu Settings > Backup and restore , click Restore factory data.
    factory data reset on galaxy s3
  3. On the next screen, confirm by clicking on reset the device and wait until the end of the formatting.
  4. Make sure that the counters in download mode are all cleared and the status of the device is normal
Step 4
For more security, please also check if the CSC is present in the original firmware of the phone.

The procedure of warranty repair For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Or Galaxy s3 is now completed.
You will not be able to be traced back to any modding operations carried out on the phone.

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