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Samsung Galaxy S3: Surfaced official wireless charger

By davis becklin on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 0 comments

Last year there is an official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S3 a wireless charger which is named as accessories. Over 9 months have passed since that time and now appears the first sign of such a charger. And on my previous post i have said that wireless charging kit are in mass production
samsung galaxy s3 wireless charger

Wireless Charger For Galaxy S3 Has Been Approved By FCC

At the U.S. regulatory authority for communication devices, FCC, a Wireless Charging Pad for the Galaxy S3 has been tested and approved. The pad itself is operated with 19 volts 0.5 amp. To the load time of the Smartphone itself, nothing is known, since the audit reports only on the pad. However, the charger has input from 9.5 watts, which is about nearly double the performance of a 1A of charging cable. Therefore, the charging time of the S3 should be more efficient and take more short time.

official announement of galaxy s3 wireless charger

The Ladepad itself is Qi compliant and you can download also other smartphones such as nexus 4 and Lumia 920 thus. Since this accessory comes so late on the market, the question is whether this wireless charger points out directly or not on the Samsung Galaxy S4, which probably will be Officially Presented this month at the MWC. Samsung could go along with the current trend and directly with integrated Qi charging function to equip the Galaxy S4.

wireless charging pad

When will the device on the market and whether it will find his way at the time to Europe is not known yet. Sure, At the latest MWC we will know more.

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