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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 First Impression in IFA 2012

By davis becklin on Sunday, September 2, 2012 0 comments

This year's IFA in Berlin is not as extensive as some of the other events in the past year, which was, among others, Samsung, showing this year, ultimately only two Android devices. Including of course the highly Galaxy Note 2, which in comparison to its predecessor, has a new look and become even greater. I can say that the performance of this device is like the Galaxy S3, it is perfect. This is due to the good software from Samsung and of course the strong hardware with a quad-core SoC and 2GB of RAM. The performance is flawless, there are absolutely no flaws or other things. Otherwise, it looks like the housing, which has a very nice look but like the Galaxy S3 is really Trivalent feels. Although this is also a matter of taste, but the lacquered to a high gloss casing holds easily is too cheap, what with Samsung devices and tens of new ATIV series (Windows 8 Tablets) designed unfortunately so.

its new look and display give me a good impression and the display leaves no wish unfulfilled. The size is also here for normal customers an absurdity, so far as one does not fully intend to buy this device. The photos also show the comparison to my very great HTC One X with 4.7-inch screen that can display a total of 0.8 inches longer act the Galaxy Note 2, simply monstrous. Overall, however, Samsung has done a magnificent job, only failing in my eyes is just the feeling of the body surface.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Looks in IFA 2012

galaxy note2 release event in ifa 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note price LTE variant was from Vodafone with a price of 639.90 euros.

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