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Samsung GALAXY Note 2 Is Already Available In Late September?

By davis becklin on Monday, September 17, 2012 0 comments

Release of the new Samsung GALAXY Note 2 will be ready to release at the end of September? By based the list from the online retailer Cyberport trust, then the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 at them already after 27 September.

It looks very different from list, they had listed for the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 first and you could also pre-order them at first. It states, however, still believe that the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 is delivered in 4-6 weeks, which would be the 25th October cover, this was the first suspected launch of latest Samsung smartphone-flyer.

But it is also different with From online retailer Amazon the Samsung GALAXY Note 2(see galaxy note 2 specifecation) is still not yet listed. This I personally find it a little odd. If, however confirm that the latest Samsung smartphone really should have been the end of September, it would be of course a big surprise. After all, the GALAXY Note 2 would thus appear 1 month earlier than originally thought / planned.


launch of samsung galaxy note 2

But maybe Samsung has quite deliberately postponed the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 forwards. But what could be the reason? Production is running, but better than expected? Or maybe you want a different manufacturer outsmart, white Samsung something we do not already know? The user will not care, this is of course very pleased when the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 will have a whole month earlier.

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