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Samsung GALAXY Note XXLRT Firmware Update

By davis becklin on Thursday, September 20, 2012 0 comments

for users of Samsung Galaxy Note there is a new firmware update that has been released. but this update is not a Jelly Bean android update for galaxy note that the long awaited, the update is still on android 4.0.4 but with the higher version called XXLRT firmware version. At this time on this update there are some bugs that have been fixed from the previous update XXLRQ firmware update. However, on this update this at time also raises a new problems.

The Samsung GALAXY Note XXLRT update itself is a stability update. But after apply this u3pdate Swype crashes sometimes appear, and the problems with the Android apps on the SD card, Samsung has not fixed it.

XXLRT firmware update is about 6MB in size. Maybe the purpose of the update this time as one of the signs that will be out update android 4.1 for galaxy note?
But it seems you have to decide whether you will update your galaxy note or not. as I mentioned earlier that this update is an update for stability and fic the bug from previous version, but it brings a new problem that I mentioned earlier. so now you are going to decide will you apply this update or not.


GALAXY Note XXLRT update

Now we only can hope that Samsung will be work hard to complete the Android 4.1 update for the Samsung GALAXY Note and will then roll out as soon as possible. However, as the first turn is the flagship Samsung GALAXY S3, then after that fortunately relatively quickly get updated Android 4.1. is Samsung GALAXY NOTE and Samsung Galaxy S2.

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