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Samsung Tested Tizen On Galaxy S3

By davis becklin on Monday, September 24, 2012 0 comments

From the latest news confirmed that Tizen is tested on Samsung(Galaxy S3), Intel and a some of other manufacturers are currently developing an operating system for smartphones and tablets, relying entirely on open source. By focusing on HTML5, the system is reasonably future-proof and therefore many are eagerly awaiting a first device with Tizen on board.

Tizen is an full free and open source mobile operating system and Tizen also will support with HTML5. So this is expected to provide more secure prospects in the future. And some manufacturers for smartphone such as Samsung Intel and other major manufacturers focus on this mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. Perhaps the Tizen Operatyng system will be the new powerfull rival for android, ios, and windows phone?

Samsung has apparently in such a test:

Tizen On Galaxy S3

tizen on galaxy s3

Samsung got the Wi-Fi certification for Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3with Tizen. Normally if a device get such a certifications relatively there will be soon to a publication. However, Samsung has pushed the first devices with Tizen to next year. So what can you going to do with the Galaxy S3 with Tizen only speculate: Either a test of Tizen on reasonable hardware or an upcoming Galaxy S 3 with Tizen on board. Then Samsung would actually (almost) the same hardware but three operating systems on board in the portfolio (Galaxy S III, ATIV S and the Galaxy S 3with Tizen) - the user could then choose. Actually a pleasant idea.

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