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Samsung GALAXY S3 XXDLI3 Firmware Leaked

By davis becklin on Friday, September 7, 2012 0 comments

And another new firmware leaked released again for galaxy s3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLI3 firmware version has leaked today. This is for the Samsung Android smartphone, the third Android firmware this week. Since Samsung seems still busy working on the update for the Samsung Galaxy S3. So far, you have probably still find some performance issues with the Project AppDrawer butter.

So far, In this XXDLI3 firmware Samsung has not yet succeeded in AppDrawer the Samsung GALAXY S3 Android 4.1 Update achieve the 60fps. Everything else seems so far to be this perfect that it actually could roll out the official update for the Galaxy S3. However, Samsung wants to learn from the mistakes of the past and a perfect Android 4.1 Update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to deliver.

So if you want to try out the latest Android 4.1 Firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S3, latter you search and find it on But only for people who have experience and knwoledge about flashing firmware. it would be a bad if you brick your Galaxy S3. But for you that want to learn and try it you can find some good and complete tutorial about root and flashing in this blog. Just search in this blog and you will get the tutorial. you can see tutorial flash firmware to galaxy s3. Some feedback from you I would wait to see how you are happy with the firmware?


 android jelly bean XXDLI3 firmware leaked for galaxy s3

So far I was in the assessment of the last two Android 4.1 Firmware(XXDLI2 update and XXDLI3 update) Leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is always wrong when it comes to the final status. So I say now simply, that we can expect even more to Android 4.1 Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks in the coming days.

Now You can download XXDLI3 Firmware fom samfirmware.

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