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How to Fix Camera Problem On Sony Xperia Play

By davis becklin on Thursday, September 27, 2012 0 comments

For users of the Xperia Play device, there is a bug for the Xperia Play Camera. Well in this post I'll Post Modification on Xperia Play Camera that has been done By one Xda-developers forum member the camera bug. this mod will help you to fix camera on Xperia Play.

Camera Mod for Sony Xperia Play

Then what is the functions of this Xperia Play camera Mod? This mod has been changed to Applications by author, the function is to activate the R button as the shutter button for taking photos and recording video. not only that, but this xperia camera mod will also enable the L button to act as focus in photo mode.

xperia camera mod download

For you who need this application on your Xperia Play, now the developer has been enrolled it in the Android Market, as the Camera Mod for Xperia PLAY. to download is very ease. you can download direct from google play. or if you want to save it in apk file, read how to download apk from android market

Installation Camera Mod For Xperia Play

  1. First you need to Backup your original camera application on your device, for example, use Titanium Backup (on condition you have root acces, see how to root xperia phone)
  2. Delete the original Camera Application
  3. Reboot your Xperia phone
  4. Install Applications
  5. Done

Easy enough right? now to make your Xperia Play camera more elegant you can use it, hopefully this article useful, if you want to ask something, please ask in the comment box below.

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