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How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace Via Samsung Kies

By davis becklin on Sunday, September 23, 2012 0 comments

For All Samsung Galaxy Ace Users the official latest firmware is Gingerbread 2.3.6. But The galaxy ace are originally sold with Froyo 2.2.1. So it looks like so vain right? A device like galaxy Ace which have Specification that we can say it is powerfull enough, those Froyo is to "ugly". So you must uppdate to The highest firmware version.
Here is a complete tutorial update Galaxy Ace via Samsung Kies. I think Kies 2.x version isn’t the best and The most reliable software around, but if all of you have use Kies 1.x version , you will prefer to be using 2.x.
So maybe you will find a trouble while upgrading, but I have provided fix for that.

Tutorial Update Galaxy Ace Via Samsung Kies

  1. Install The Samsung Kies. You can use the CD that provided with the handset when you buy. But If you do not have the CD Kies, you can download from the Samsung website here = to your browser). To upgrade to the latest version of android You need a latest version of Kies. So If you installed Kies from your CD you must check for any Kies updates. to get the latest.
  2. Note- If you installed Kies after downloading from website then install USB drivers manually by going to Tools->Install Driver in kies.
  3. After the installation process is complete. open Kies then connect your device using USB cable.
  4. After you have connected your phone to your computer, then will appear a notification that shows if there is a new firmware version is available to update and then will ask you to upgrade or not. To update Choose the Update buttonhow tp update galaxy ace via kies
  5. Click the Start upgrade buuton.galaxy ace upgrade via samsung kies
  6. When the update process is begin, the tools will start to download the firmware upgrade components. You may take a backup of your data when asked. Though The upgrade will not cause in losing your data, sms, contacts or Apps. But it will be better to have in case something wrong might to use samsung kies
  7. Now the download update process is start and will take maybe for around 5 minutes to download the needed files (NOTE : I am on a fast internet connection, it may will take you more time). important Don’t unplug your device while upgrade is in process. After the download process, will appear a box that say “upgrading firmware” then your device will boot into recovery. But somtetimes it has a bad habit of getting stuck at 0%. So if it happends, do this-
    - Disconnect the usb cable (though the dialog explicitly says not to do this)
    - Restart phone.
    - Close kies (or force close if it not responding.)
    - Then Try to reconnect(plug again the usb). If Kies doesn’t detect your phone now, then don’t worry, reinstall kies and usb kies update tutorial
  8. When the update firmware process is finish, a new window will pop up and says Firmware upgrade complete.
  9. Then Your phone will reboot

CONGRATULATIONS! you have successfully upgrade galaxy ace with latest firmware via kies.
If the download process for you need much time you can update manually you can use this tutorial How to flash galaxy ace via Odin

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