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Extensions Image 9.png Android

By davis becklin on Sunday, September 30, 2012 0 comments

If you are an android app developer, is certainly no stranger to the image file with the extension .9.Png. Sometimes some android applications using image files with the extension .9.Png's. In this article I want to share with you about the image with the extension .9. Png.
Before going any further on the image with the extension .9. Png, we first discuss the meaning of .9.Png and unit of measure in the .9.Png.

What is .png file ?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format one image using compaction methods do not eliminate the part of the image. Generally used for PNG images in web images. PNG image format has better compression factor than the GIF (5% -25% better than GIF format).

PNG files can work well on images with vivid color separation and graded. PNG files are divided into PNG-8 and PNG-24. For PNG-8 can compress the image with a smaller file size than GIF. While the PNG-24 save the file with a larger size. PNG-24 is commonly used for photographic images or graded, since the resulting image will be sharper. Another plus, PNG supports transparency as in the picture. GIFs.

For the Web, PNG format has three advantages over the GIF format: Channel Alpha (transparency). Gamma (setting the brightness image of en: "brightness"). Impressions image progressively (progressive display) For the purposes of image processing, though the PNG format can be used as an alternative during image processing but the JPEG format is still a better option. (Source: potter )

Wha Is .9. Png File ?

Is a file which is a derivative of. PNG in a single PNG file in use for several sizes. Or simply dynamic image size. Where size is determined from the pacth that is given in the file. Its use is intended to conserve file size. So the use of a static image into a minimum to reduce the file size of the application.

Problems with the .9. Png

  • Android devices come in many shapes and sizes, often making it very difficult for developers to design applications that look great on all screen sizes and a variety of orientations. To address this challenge, the graph can Nine Patch indispensable. In this article, we discuss what Nine Patch graphical format, how it works, and when to use them.
  • Sometimes when we edit the apk or create android application, we have a problem in the process of the application compile, because we forgot to use the image files with the extension .9.Png , therefore, in this article I want to share you about image editing with the extension .9 . png

What is Nine Patch ?
Graphics Nine Patch Android support for image scaling control. Graphic Nine Patch only PNG graphics that have patches, or areas of an image, defined to scale and stretch in the right areas, not the scale of the overall picture as a unit, which often obscures the graphic details. Generally, transparent or solid patch center, with the edge to remain fixed, the other edges are set to stretch, and the corners to remain fixed.

Illustration picture below will explain how an image (in this case, a square) is divided into nine patches.
extension image 9.png on android

When Do We Use Graphics NinePatch?

Graphics that can be stretched to be used anywhere in your application where size chart may vary, particularly useful for:

  • background Button (where text strings of various sizes)
  • Frames (where the picture of the inside should come in various sizes and aspect ratios)
  • Every time you use drawn with at least one dimension is set to wrap_conten

How To Edit Graphic Nine Patch (edit graphics on the apk)
To edit a graphic Nine Patch PNG graphic files using Draw 9-patch tool, perform the following steps draw nine patch tutorial:
  1. Open the / decompile apk file you want to edit by using the way you can find the article that i have make yesterday read how to edit apk file .
  2. Open the folder res / drawable (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi or another folder that contains the graphic)
  3. Edit the images you want to edit them using graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop or other graphics applications though.
  4. Once you are done editing, save the images in the format. Png
  5. Open the application "9-patch.bat" located in the Android SDK / directory "tools". (References: android development )
    image extension 9.png
    -Drag PNG file into the left pane (or use File-> Open NinePatch)
    how to use draw9patchstart
  6. Click the "Show Patch" checkbox at the bottom left.
    tutorial draw9patchstart
  7. Set your patch right scale (higher to see the results more clearly).
    To set the horizontal patch guide, click along the right edge of your graphic.
    To set the vertical patch guide, click along the top edge of your graphic.
  8. If you need to remove your patch, press Shift and click on your pixel (black).
  9. Keep your graphics with the extension .9. Png (for example, maxiandroid.9.png).

If you want to create a graphic file with the extension .9. Png you can find more detailed tutorial tutorial draw nine patch and here

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