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Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLI5 Firmware Leak

By David Smith on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 0 comments

And now a new firmware for galaxy s3 have been leaked again. It is the first leak for this new week after last week have release 4 new firmware in one week. And for today it is called Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLI5 firmware leak. After the weekend already appeared XXDLI4 firmware version for Samsung Android smartphone, now the I9300 XXDLI5 is already the 5th version Android firmware for XXDLI. Now, slowly but sure the final offcial Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Update is coming.

Samsung continues to make progress in Android 4.1 Update for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Daily diving to new firmware with Android 4.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S III and actually it has been under the impression that Samsung already has a "final" firmware, as it update in the the Galaxy Note was the case. The latest firmware Then named XXDLI5, today was released by the guys from SamMobile at night and fixes a few problems that still existed at XXDLI3 yesterday:
  • The problem with the compass in Google Maps has been fixed, the arrow is pointing in the right direction now
  • The user interface is completely liquid again
  • Stay Smart has improved
  • For me the Notification LED now reset correctly
  • No more FCs (Force Close, sudden closing of programs)



Yoa, I'm saying for some time that Samsung actually already has a ready-ROM, then be even further error eliminated. I think it's good that it takes as much time and hopefully at the end brings a "perfect" update. Slowly but surely I would also like to flash jelly bean on my Samsung Galaxy S 3. If you want too you can play around with SamMobile(download firmware) and the xda-devs and then flash XXDLI5 manually, I will continue to wait for the official update and keep you up to date.

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